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Ostad (Grand Master) Ali Babri's martial arts career began at the age of five in the Port  of Anzali, with the practice of swimming ,Boxing ,Wrestling . Due to the fact that many members of the Iranian National Boxing Team were from Port Anzali, Ostad Ali had the opportunity to learn firsthand from some of the best at the yong age.

Later in life Ostad Babri began the ancient art of Pahlivanee, (Zoor-Khaneh) which was the traditional Iranian form of Mixed Martial Arts (Wrestling) and art of weaponry, which dates back 7000 years. This form of Wrestling is now known as Free Style wrestling.

During his teenage years, upon moving to the capital city of Tehran Ostad Babri began his career in Boxing and Judo in the Ararat Sport Complex. Ostad Babri gained interest in the art of Judo, and commenced in the school of Judo/Jujitsu . What began, as sheer interest in the humble art of Judo became a life altering experience? In the same year Ostad Babri also joined the art of  Toa now known az KongFo . At the beginning of the revolution Ostad Babri had limited his involvement and was only practicing Judo and Boxing karateh . But he did not give up his love for wrestling. Therefore Ostad Babri often competed in wresting competitions. He later on became the substitute for the Iranian Capital Team of Champion Wrestling. 

When the war betwin I.R.IRAN & Sadam Army  began Ostad Babri like every other Iranian Yong Male citizen had a duty and that was to join the Special Forces and defend the Islamic Republic of Iran. Eventually he became the instructor of self-defense and army style combat in the military. He continued in this path for two years, until he was wounded in battle. After recovering from injury Ostad Babri returned to Tehran and re-joined in Boxing & JUDO .

While continuing his Judo career Ostad Babri began to also formally practice Karate. Eventually he became the Iranian Judo National Team’s substitute. This was his ticket for pursuing his passion in martial arts.

When Ostad Babri moved to Montréal Canada, he began practice Judo with the best in Canada the Snow down Dojo(Olympics Stadium) and the Graemize Olympic stadium. When he moved to Ottawa, Ontario he joined the Beaver Boxing Club, which is one of the oldest boxing clubs in Canada. He later moved to Langley British Columbia where he returned to the art of Judo/Jujitsu in the Langley Judo & Hapkido Club. 

When Ostad Babri moved to Victoria, British Columbia he enrolled in Aikido, but soon pulled out, because he felt that it was not a competitive sport. Upon leaving Aikido he enrolled in Kickboxing and began teaching BJJujitsu/MMA at various clubs.

Until this day Ostad Babri has competed in different varieties of Wrestling, Karate, Judo, Jujitsu, Modified Pancration, Mixed Martial Arts, and No-Hold Bars (MMA) championships. Today Ostad Babri is the CEO of WMMA . With 45 years of experience in over 15 different styles of martial arts Ostad Babri has acquired a few titles under his name and continues to travel across Europe, Asia and North America ,Africa to spread the Art of Full Contact Brazilian Jujitsu & Mixed Martial Arts(MMA)!

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