Women's Self-Defense

The trained attacker will react only to a blow that without padding would do sufficient damage...
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Vulnerable Points

The head is, of course, the command centre of the body, housing the brain and most of the major sense organs, including the eyes, nose, ears and mouth, all of which are....
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Fight like a Girl
Violence against women has only recently been addressed in national policy and legislation. Responses by most societal institutions to women ......

Shyna D'lima

Indian New Generation Of  Female Fighters

She began karate at the age of 13.At the age of 16 she started learning kick boxing. She is an indian Karate/kick boxer,fighter, Shes trained with Ostad/ Shihan Ali Babri and Shes gonna be the next international Kick boxing champion. She is into modelling,She was a state level swimmer also,apart from that she holds a record in national level championship into hurdles. Shes training  for the next  WMMA upcoming event(SFS), which is gonna held at Pune India.

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