King of the Cage

IMPACT - Results
Tarek Gabali VS Rob Withers
@ 170 – Tarek Gabali W via Ref stoppage due to unanswered
blows rd 1 (4:02)
Tarek caught a solid body kick for a takedown, immediately controlled the pace with excellent side ......

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Full Contact JUJITSU

The Ranking system

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Kick Boxing

The 500 odd fighters which participated in this championship were not only from different states of India, but were also from different countries like Nepal, Iran, Lebanon, UAE, Holland, Canada, etc.

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B.J. Penn

Jay Dee "B.J." Penn (born December 13, 1978 in Kailua, Hawaii) is an American professional mixed martial arts fighter and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner who is currently the Ultimate Fighting Championship Lightweight Champion.

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John Abraham at India Kickboxing Championships

John, who was looking very cool in the event, took keen interest in watching the fights. One of the media person asked John why he decided to attend the event, he straight away said, “If I had not been an actor, then I would have definitely been a Kickboxer. I am into this sport before I became an actor.” He further added that, “The reason why I like this sport is because of the achievements of Ziauddin Khatib. I am training under him from past six years.”
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Take advantage of a great opportunity, train one-on-one with Ostad(Shihan) Babri , and

Take your self defense/Martial Arts training to a higher level
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private security services consultancy has set up a special training programmers with personal grooming session for lady bodyguards at Mumbai and Pune areas in the INDIA...

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Ostad (Shihan )Ali Babri's martial arts career began at the age of eight in the Port of Anzali, with the practice of......


Jason Heit began training in martial arts at 14 years old.  His first competition was in the 1990 Island Tough Man Contest which he won at 17 years old.  After winning the Island Tough Man Contest he began competing in amateur boxing.

Coached by Donny Orr Sr. and Mike Caird Jason quickly tore through the Canadian amateur ranks winning bronze gloves, silver gloves, golden gloves, the diamond belt, the B.C. provincial light-heavyweight title, and the Canadian Light-Heavyweight title by knocking out all his opponents in the 1995 Canadian Nationals.  He then went on to represent Canada in the 1995 Pan-American Games and the 1996 AIBA Multi-Nation International Olympic Qualification Tournament.

In 1996 he moved to Los Angeles to train under Royce Gracie.  After receiving his blue belt from Royce he moved to Duncan where he opened a small gym and began teaching.  One of his students from this gym, John Allessio has since gone on to win titles in The King of the Cage, Hawaiian Superbrawl, TKO Challenge, Gladiator Challenge, WEC, and fight in the UFC against Pat Millitech, Diego Sanchez and Thiago Alves.  Jason has continued to help train and corner John in his stand up game.

In 1997 Jason fought in the first ever sanctioned MMA bout in Canada which he won by KO in the first round.

In 1998 while being coached by Stan Peteric,  he earned a spot on the Canadian Amateur Kickboxing team and won the Team Canada vs. Team USA Kickboxing North American title by knocking his opponent out in the first round.

In 1999 he moved back to Los Angeles to start his pro boxing career.  Training at Wild Card boxing by day and working security at night he was recruited to run the security at the famed Whiskey Bar and the The Standard Lounge.  It was here he met actor Burt Young (Paulie from Rocky).  Burt managed Jason with famed boxing manager Lou Duva.  Jason climbed the rankings to the number 3 professional cruiserweight in Canada before retiring from professional boxing after receiving lucrative job offers for close protection work.  He retired from boxing in 2002.

He was now able to focus on his security career; he left the nightclub industry and began his career in close protection looking after clients Drew Barrymore, David Duchoveny, Nicholas Cage, Russell Simmons and a two year world music tour with Robbie Williams.

Jason has since continued his training at Legends MMA under coaches Bas Rutten, Randy Couture, Jason Miller, Karo Parysian, Mac Danzig, Eddie Bravo and Jeremy Williams.

2007, Jason Heit moved back to his hometown to achieve his goal of opening his gym and pass on his knowledge of martial arts.

?Martial arts have brought incredible experiences, people and lessons into my life.  It is my passion and I hope to open this door to others to share my knowledge of this wonderful art.  I have now retired from competition and have moved into my role as a trainer.


§  Amateur Boxing- 26 wins, 4 losses, 24 KO?s

§  Tough Man Competition- 3 wins, 3 KO?s

§  MMA 1 win, 0 losses, 1 KO

§  Kickboxing 4 wins, 0 losses, 4 KO?s

§  Pro Boxing 5 wins, 1 loss, 2 KO?s

Jason Heit has a combined boxing, kickboxing and MMA ring record of 39 wins, 5 losses, with 34 knockouts.

Check out Island MMA, they do everything. Grappling, Boxing, Muay Thai. It's where UFC, Pride, WEC veteran John Alessio came out of.


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