Women's Self-Defense

The trained attacker will react only to a blow that without padding would do sufficient damage...
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Vulnerable Points

The head is, of course, the command centre of the body, housing the brain and most of the major sense organs, including the eyes, nose, ears and mouth, all of which are....
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In feudal times in Japan, there were various military arts and exercises which the samurai classes were trained and fitted for their special form of warfare. Amongst these was the art of jujutsu.....


WMMA Full Contact Juijitsu Ranking

Beginner or Basic Student

JU-KYU / 10th Kyu

KU-KYU / 9th Kyu

HACHI-KYU / 8th Kyu

SHICHI-KYU / 7th Kyu

Intermediate Student

ROK-KYU / 6th Kyu

GO-KYU / 5th Kyu

YON-KYU / 4th Kyu

Advanced Studen

SAN-KYU / 3rd Kyu

NI-KYU / 2nd Kyu

IK-KYU / 1st Kyu

Probation - 4 Months

Probation - 4 Months

Probation - 4 Months

Teacher (Sensei)

Shodan / 1st Dan

Nidan / 2nd Dan

Sandan / 3rd Dan

Yodan / 4th Dan

Expert Instructor (Renshi)

Godan / 5th Dan

Rokudan / 6th Dan

Master Instructor (Shihan)

Shichidan / 7th Dan

Hachidan / 8th Dan

Grandmaster of Art (Hanshi or Soke)

Kudan / 9th Dan

Judan / 10th Dan

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