King of the Cage IMPACT - Results
Tarek Gabali VS Rob Withers
@ 170 – Tarek Gabali W via Ref stoppage due to unanswered
blows rd 1 (4:02)
Tarek caught a solid body kick for a takedown, immediately controlled the pace with excellent side ......

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Kick Boxing

The 500 odd fighters which participated in this championship were not only from different states of India, but were also from different countries like Nepal, Iran, Lebanon, UAE, Holland, Canada, etc.

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John Abraham at India Kickboxing Championships

John, who was looking very cool in the event, took keen interest in watching the fights. One of the media person asked John why he decided to attend the event, he straight away said, “If I had not been an actor, then I would have definitely been a Kickboxer. I am into this sport before I became an actor.” He further added that, “The reason why I like this sport is because of the achievements of Ziauddin Khatib. I am training under him from past six years.”
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 To meet the growing demand for women bodyguards,......
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Take advantage of a great opportunity, train one-on-one with Ostad(Shihan) Babri , and

Take your self defense/Martial Arts training to a higher level
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Georges "Rush" St.-Pierre (born May 19, 1981), often referred to as GSP[1] , is a French-Canadian mixed martial arts fighter.......

Ju-jitsu (the gentle art ) is among the most effective and potentially destructive martial arts. It is one of the most ancient martial arts, starting back over 2,500 years. Ju-Jitsu is also the basis for many of the more modern arts, Including Judo, Karate and Aikido. A student proficient in the art of Ju-Jitsu has studied techniques that are a combination of Judo (throws and leverage ), Aikido ( nerves and attacker momentum ), Karate ( striking and kicking ), and other martial arts. A student proficient in the art has the option of doing great bodily harm to his adversary. The practitioner also has the choice of causing his opponent to sense severe pain without any actual injury taking place.

Because of this potential, the serious Ju-Jitsu student also accepts a philosophy of non-violence: a physical confrontation should be avoided whenever possible. The Ju-Jitsu student must adopt an attitude of self-control: He must bend like the willow. All of these will help the student become a better person and, at the same time, help him avoid unnecessary confrontations. It is the inner peace and confidence that the student develops that makes this possible. Patience is the key.

A properly trained student will do everything possible to avoid a physical confrontation, not only because he knows that such a confrontation is unnecessary, but also because he knows that he has a better than average chance of successfully defending himself (therefore, proving it is unnecessary), and because a physical confrontation is philosophically degrading, as it indicates that all other means of avoidance have failed. If it is necessary to use Ju-Jitsu against an adversary, the student must still use self-restraint and good judgment. He must use his knowledge only to protect himself and others from harm, and then only to the extent to protect and remove himself from the situation

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